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Chiropractors CDA is located within Northwest Integrated Health, a multidisciplinary clinic located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Chiropractors CDA and Northwest Integrated Health offer a wide variety of medical interventions such as Chiropractic care, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy using the BioTE method, Thyroid Health, IV Nutrient Therapy, and Massage Therapy. Our approach to healthcare at Chiropractors CDA and NWIH focuses on preventative care. Our physicians work with their patients to identify the underlying causes of diseases, over-use injuries and other conditions and then together, come up with an individualized approach to improve the patient’s well being and overall health quickly.

Our Team

"Dr. Burk has 100% exceeded my expectations. The first day I went in, I felt I was at home. I could openly speak about the issues I was having and he genuinely listened and answered.
No fluff, no beating around the bush, just straight to the point and that’s how it should be done.
After the last two sessions with him, I can confidently say I am healing much faster and haven’t felt this type of relief in weeks.
Thank you for all your help Dr. Burk!"

shaymus marriott

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