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Chiropractic is essential in Chiropractors CDA a (Northwest Integrated Health) company approach to health and well-being. Injuries can happen in mere seconds with a car accident or slowly progress over many years of neglect.

At Chiropractors CDA a (Northwest Integrated Health) company, we offer a wide variety of treatment options that assure our patients recover quickly and to their full capacity. Whether it be an acute injury from a car accident, a sports injury, or a chronic condition from years of repetitive overuse. Chiropractors CDA has as treatment plan that will get you the result you desire.

A Chiropractor is a specialist in joint mechanics, soft tissues, and the overall musculoskeletal framework. The Chiropractic team at Chiropractors CDA have an extensive knowledge of Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Active Release Technique, Graston, Myofascial Decompression and more.

Like other healthcare providers, Chiropractors have many different options when it comes to treating health issues. But some conditions may require more than just adjustments, this is where Chiropractors CDA approach to healthcare is different from a lot of other clinics in the North Idaho/Spokane area. At Chiropractors CDA a (Northwest Integrated Health) company, we have all the specialists under one roof. From Doctoral level Nurse Practitioners to Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physical Rehabilitation Specialists; we use a team approach when it comes to your healthcare and well-being.

Chiropractic care is always covered if you are involved in a car accident by your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy and is often covered by your health care insurance. You do not need a prescription or referral for chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Treatments

A Chiropractic Adjustment is a manipulation of any of the 206 bones in your body and associated joint. These joints can have a limited range of motion due to capsular fixations or tight muscles. Both of which can cause tissue inflammation, nerve irritation and in many cases, pain. Manual manipulation along with myofascial release is implemented to treat your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

What do adjustments actually do?

What common conditions do Chiropractors Treat?

Our Team

"Dr. Burk has 100% exceeded my expectations. The first day I went in, I felt I was at home. I could openly speak about the issues I was having and he genuinely listened and answered.
No fluff, no beating around the bush, just straight to the point and that’s how it should be done.
After the last two sessions with him, I can confidently say I am healing much faster and haven’t felt this type of relief in weeks.
Thank you for all your help Dr. Burk!"

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